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The System of Animal Therapy - The Beginning

An insight into the beginning of The System of Animal Therapy, the only complete animal human therapy system in the world.

A Fantasie Tale (Tail)

This is the first story of the adventures of a kitten who burst into our lives, in a flurry of gold and silver light, to change those lives forever. I would like to share her life and escapades with you, as we progress down the months and years.

Dogs Eating Grass

An insight into the reasons dogs eat grass.


The reasons why dogs eat their own droppings, and how to rectify this habit.

Mindlinking and Telepathy

An insight into the essence, value and interpretation of non verbal communication, between humans, and between animals and humans.

Physical and Non Physical Anatomy

A small book explaining how our physical anatomy, and our non physical anatomy interlink, and interconnect, both with each other, and with other beings, both animal and human.

Sleep Deprivation Syndrome

A small book demonstrating the very real problems, and solutions, contained within the sleep deprivation syndrome.

The Mind Brain differentiation

A synopsis explaining the often confused differences between the mind and the brain.


This excerpt demonstrates an awareness of knowlege on and from many levels of being.

Tips and Hints For Animal Health

Tips and hints to smooth your way, when caring for your animals.

Karma The Law of Cause and Effect

An insight into how Karma works, on every level, in every way, at all times.

Balancing With Your Animal

An insight into the depth of relationship that can be achieved between animals and humans.

Animal Spirituality

An insight into animal spirituality, and how it interacts with humans' spirituality.

Dispelling The Check Chain Myth

A deep insight into the myths surrounding the use of check chains, (not choke), and check collars, (not choke) on dogs.

Healing and Metaphysical Counselling

A definition of Healing and Metaphysical Counselling, and how it helps us within our lives.

Death The Ultimate Healing

A short epistle on the subject of death and animals' reactions and attitudes towards it.

The Pros and Cons of neutering animals

A short synopsis of the advantages and disadvantages of neutering animals.

Animal Grief

A short insight into how animals grieve for the loss of their loved ones.

Therapeutic Lungeing

This small book demonstrates how to achieve the best results from lungeing your horse, thereby enhancing the Animal Human Interlink between you.

The Equine Debt


A poem paying tribute to the unconditional giving of horses, in all ways, at all times, down the years.


Spirit of The Forest


A short writing on the beauty and Healing qualities of The New Forest Hampshire UK


Incorporating an Animal into Your Family and Into your life

This short missive describes the process of constructively and

compassionately, incorporating a new animal into your family unit.

















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